Thursday, May 26, 2011

Race Preview: Thri-Kreen


    One of the most mysterious races in the Wheel in some ways, the Thri-Kreen are an insect race. Outsiders typically know almost nothing about them - they live in cities that are designed like hives. They have very little use for personal space and a great respect for common areas.
    Most Thri-Kreen live fast and die hard. They naturally have a life span less than half that of most races - it's virtually unknown for them to go past the age of fifty. However, this is because of a natural hyperactive metabolism. They don't sleep, and get the most out of every day of those short years.

    Physical Characteristics
    Average Height: 2.0-2.3m
    Average Weight: 100-120kg
    Languages: Trade, Thri-Kreen
    Common Personality Traits: Restless, Conformist, Inscrutable, Curious, Jumpy
    Common Physical Traits: Sand-Colored Exoskeleton, Long Antennae, Constantly in Motion, Dark Compound Eyes, Short-Lived
    Example Names: Chak-tha, Drik-chkit, Kacht-ta, Kat’chka, Pak’cha, Ptekwe.

    Racial Statistics
    Characteristic Bonus: +1 Dexterity or +1 Wisdom
    Skill Bonus: +1 to Acrobatics and Perception
    Power: Multi-Armed: A Thri-Kreen's smaller pair of arms allow them to take a Ready action as a free action once per round and reload their weapons in half the listed time.
    Size: 4

    Physical Qualities
    Thri-Kreen resemble bipedal praying mantids. Their exoskeletons come in a variety of colors, typically earthtones with occasional grays and blue markings. They have six limbs, with two normal-sized arms and two smaller ones. They have mandibles and compound eyes, joints in places that other races don't, long antennae, and are just generally alien in every way.
    Thri-Kreen are an egg-laying species. They mature quickly after being hatch, passing through a series of forms that would be familiar to any entomologist until they reach adulthood at about five. They live quick lives, though they don't really age like other races. There are very few visual cues to tell a Thri-Kreen's age, even scars vanishing as they molt once a year.
    Most Thri-Kreen have a bit of a sweet-tooth. They prefer foods that are very high in sugar, especially candy and pastries. This helps fuel their overactive metabolisms.
    There are essentially no easy ways to determine the gender of a given Thri-Kreen on sight. Unless you can detect the pheromones they use, in which case it's actually quite simple.

    Playing a Thri-Kreen
    Thri-Kreen excel at adapting to new situations. They tend to see things in simple terms, cutting to the heart of situations and acting instead of waiting. However, this should not be taken to mean they act rashly - they see information gathering and spying as a matter of course. While they might be mysterious to others, they are almost always quite well informed.
    Thri-Kreen prefer to use cutting-edge technology rather than settle for anything less, preferring high performance over reliability even when lives are on the line. Their computing and information technology is among the most advanced in the Wheel, but owing to their species' predatory lineage,
    At a young age, Thri-Kreen are extremely impressionable. They imprint with those that they knew, and usually defer to them. Thri-Kreen society is one fairly common to insects - females imprint their young, the new generation defers to them, and it all ends up being rather dynastic and matriarchal.
    Many Thri-Kreen adopt things from the cultures they're exposed to - not always the most obvious things either. For example, it has become something of a trend among female Thri-Kreen to wear rather elaborate and formal dresses. This has definitely made it easier for other races, who tend to have some trouble telling their genders apart, to identify them as female.
    Because of a Thri-Kreen's short natural life, they often have little regard for personal safety. Of themselves or others. They usually just don't have time for lengthy approval times or experimentation. A few tests, simulations, and educated guesses are good enough for most purposes.


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