Friday, May 13, 2011

Version 1.4 Release

Download Version 1.4

Version 1.4 has become ready for release. With any luck, the main book is now polished enough that I can work on something else for a bit and get another book underway. I think this version solves nearly all of the problems people have had (well, the problems that weren't about adding content - that'll come later). Let's see if I can get a changelog done. Forgive me if I miss something.

Version 1.3 - 1.4 changelog:

* New fluff for all Exalts.
* Chosen Faith powers reworked a bit. They're a bit more diverse now.
* Paragons given new, awesome powers.
* Some subtle changes to Promethean. Headshots aren't lethal, they can't have Bionic Hearts (they have a pyros generator instead) and only destroying that pyros generator (via shots to the gizzards) are really fatal. They can wear armor.
* Vampire Embrace rules added in.
* Werewolves only heal in alternate forms.
* Classes have had their names and prereqs changed
* Class tracks added in so progressions are still clear.
* Classes sorted by level.
* A few feats added in.
* Daemonhost sin assets changed dramatically.
* Ward changed to Mage Armor
* Wealth Strain changed to a chart instead of a simple fact. Less bad.
* Magic ranged weapons are back.
* Multiple Attacks action is more balanced. Costs a reaction per extra attack. You might actually want to use Swift Attack over Lightning Attack now.
* Massive example of play added.
* Character sheet fixed up a bit.

I wanted to post this last night, but blogger has been acting up.

In other news, I've started a forum for people!

The WWW Forum

It should help people out a lot with posting homebrew stuff, finding games, and making sure I don't miss any ideas.


  1. Having trouble downloading it from the link.

    I click the text, and it just loops.

  2. It should work okay. I just tested it myself.

  3. So under the new rules characters who don't have any skills in Ballistic/Melee/Brawl can't make attacks?

  4. Yup, people completely incompetent in fights are in fact dead weight in fights. Put some dots in combat skills.

  5. New Edition, Hooray!

    And a forum, double hooray!

    You don't hear this enough LN, this is awesome, you sir are awesome. Thanks for this =D

  6. This is great stuff! Very funny, Priase Vectorn's Golden Wings!

    I do have a question: Static Defense, how do you figure it? On page 250 its says: "A target’s normal Static Defense is equal to 10, plus 3 for every dot he has in Wisdom and Dexterity." Meaning the average human should have 10 + 4x3=22 Static Def. That seems high. And the average human in the antagonist chapter only has a 12. None of the antagonists that I could see have a def that equals that equation. Is that PC only, or something else?

  7. @michablackburn

    You're forgetting to subtract 2 x size. Normal size for a human is 4, so it'd be 22 - 8, which would be 14.

  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but the NPCs at the back of the book haven't been updated since 1.2 have they?

  9. A few issues with the attack system.

    First is just the fact you have two mutually exclusive system still in there as steps 1 and 2 on page 250. Where the end of step 1 says if theres no skill use a base characteristic test and step two says scharacteristics don't factor in at all.

  10. But based on the above comment, you go with step 2's version, which has a few issues, the main one that, as with the attack section, its not well integrated with the rest of the system yet.

    I'm all for making dex less of a god stat, but the fact that attack is based on level + skill while defense is based on 2 attributes means A) Its really easy to make two level 1 characters who, again, are physically incapable of hitting each other B) you can start with maxed out static defense and attack rolls only get better as you you get progressively easier to hit as the game goes on, against other pcs, or antagonists built like them.

    It seems to make more sense to me if eitehr both attack and defense are based on level or both based on attributes; splitting it between them makes scaling and balance seem weird.

  11. As for it being poorly (as of this edition integrated with the rest of the rules:

    I know this was said befoe, but i just want to make sure I understand.
    Um, so if you have no brawl its physically impossible for you to punch someone? Ever? Really?

    I mean, I like the game, but that seems dumb. not as dumb however as the fact magic attacks are still listed dex+ballistics/brawl, and neither of those skills for magic users. So first its still the old system, which is typo, but second if you go by the new attack system...the only reason magic users can hit anything ever with magic is cause they put initial points in thise skills and

    if they want to get better at hitting people with their magic they have to multiclass out of magic user

    That makes my head hurt.

    Like I said, I like the idea of dex being less of a god stat. I like your idea for the new attack roll being level based, but I like it as a preview of a future edition when it meshes well with the way the other rules work. I like it much less when you say thats how to play now, cause without changing the other things the attack roll interacts with, it seems like...a worse way of doing attck rolls with the current system.

  12. It would be nice to see some more worth in higher quality for ranged weapons.

    Good ranged weapon quality is decent enough, as only a few weapons are reliable, but save the autopistol and the three uncommon ordinaries, it takes a rare weapon to even get it to apply.

    Best quality affects exactly two weapons, three if Good does not replace or at least cancel out the musket's unreliability: The two plasma guns (already very rare). A Best quality plasma Quite possibly more difficult to find than many artifacts (TN35 at best), for a 3k3 every other round. The average Great Weapon does that every swing, easily for such swings (swift attack) for every one shot you make.

    Might I suggest at least giving them the same +2 damage bonus as melee weapons, or maybe stuff like the maximal setting plasma has in RT for energy weapons (they can't use artifact ammo but you can halve or quarter your clipsize for an extra kept die or +1 blast rating)?

    Prometheans still feel like they lack a little something. Will they have easier access to bionics, integrated devices like with the weapons, or maybe some other ways of using Pyros or integrating with armor? Sure, Their natural armor gets'em to normal quality storm carapace by generation *****, but by then the party's probably wearing quality power-armor.

  13. Actually, since kept dice from the attack are from skill and level adds unkept I don't think the comment about first level characters who can't hit each other holds up.

    The points about punching, magic users, and scaling stand, though.

  14. Bring them up in the forums. Everyone seems to have moved there.

  15. Brawl, Ballistics and Weaponry are basic skills, people. You can use them even without a dot in them with penalties etc.

    Do read the book for a while, kay? :)

  16. As well, you folks understand that you're expected to multiclass, right? No one class line is supposed to be perfectly capable at everything, and you should be considering rounding yourself out instead of making a beeline for level 5.

  17. Some of the classes listed on pages 86/87 do not have a lising on the following pages detailing advancements. Eg. veteran, armsman

  18. I have a few problems with the conjuration school. The two level 1 spells sound terribly similar and one is inexplicably named blink. The level 4 teleport references blink, but we don't know what blink is supposed to be in the first place. Also, there is only one level 2 spell, Call Item. It's a nice little utility, but it isn't worth level 2 and certainly not good enough to force all conjurers to take it.

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