Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dungeons The Dragoning: 40k: 7th Edition: Book II: For A Few Subtitles More

So, I thought I'd post something interesting for people today - the list of stuff that I'm working on for the next book. This is not a complete list. I'm sure more will end up being added. But this should give you some idea of what's going on.

    Arcane Knight
    Temple Assassin
    More Exaltation Assets for everyone
    New spells for each school
    Possibly new schools
    Gun Kata for ranged weapons
        Sniping School
        Gunslinger School
    New gods!
        The Omnissiah
        Secular Humanism
    Weapon Creation System
    New Specific Weapons
    New Armor
    New Bionics
    You better believe there are going to be new artifacts.
    P-scale vehicle rules, for using cars, planes, and the like alongside characters.
    S-scale (Ship Scale) rules for spelljammer combat!

If there's anything else you'd like to see that's not on the list (and isn't ponies/meguka - those are going in their own book), yell at me for not including it!


  1. Looks like awesome stuff. Only thing I could think of including right now would be a ranger style class path, possibly with a bow focused kata.

    I also like the idea of a separate supplement for ponies/meguka style material. They're not something everybody would be into but some would really enjoy. Personally, I generally welcome any new rules options and setting elements.

  2. I should have seen Thri-Kreen coming, that's a DtD race if there ever was one!

  3. Idea: Gunmage (combines gun kata with magic/elemental bullets)

    Also, DO WANT.

  4. I must say I can't wait to see the pony book.

  5. That looks awesome... I will miss a rigger!

  6. I will admit that I have yet to sit down and read the book, mostly because reading off a computer screen gives me a migraine, (as soon as I get the chance I plan to print the book out tho.) so I don't know if these are included in book 1.

    Spell creation rules
    giant robots
    vehicle creation rules

  7. Do this "second book" means v1.4 is quite definitive (for now)?

  8. @Anonymous above me
    "With any luck, the main book is now polished enough that I can work on something else for a bit and get another book underway."

  9. I'd suggest adding the stuff for time traveling from the "Chronomancer" book of AD&D 2nd edition, it was quite balanced and really interesting

  10. since the chronomancer handbook is weird and not easy to find i uploaded it to megaupload. Consider giving it a reading :)

    Basically: going forward in time is easy. Going back... not so much. Also you must not overlap with your lifeline, meaning that either you skip time every now and then so you can go back in the windows you opened by going forward in time and do your work there, or you need to go back in time to a period where you did not exist, which is quite difficult due to the mechanics of time travel.

    At high levels you can sever yourself from your timeline so you can exist multiple times in the same period, the drawback is that your body automatically adjusts to the conditions of the worst of the other yourselves (if you took damage every instance of yourself gets damaged to the point of the most damaged instance)

    Also if you do not have a lifeline you do not age and you do not heal naturally.

    If you try to exist at the same time of other yourselves but you still have a lifeline paradoxes occur in the form of time maelstroms.

    When i went through it the first time i thought it to be pure genius, it took mechanical limitations and it incorporated them into a vision of time that was both surreal and fantastic instead of putting stupid arbitrary limits.

    That's Fantasy with a capital F for me.

    Really recommended reading.

  11. YES! This looks like it will address many of the little problems I had with the first book, and I'm especially looking forwards to the gun-based sword schools.

  12. I hope "Book I" at least gets reviced NPCs, that they are underpowered by having old rules hp and static defence is really bothering me.

    Other than that I am excited for Book II, I got a sneaking suspicion one of my players will be jumping at the chance of playing a kobold and the gunkata might be something I could use to bring in a new player to the group with.

  13. lovely to see some rules for vehicles, specifically space ships, been having to make our own rules for a friend who has 5 in holdings with a spaceship. Without em it makes it difficult to say whether he can just use his ship to destroy entire planets or as an escape method in a multitude of situations.

  14. Two things that I think would really help:

    First, a table or something comparing size to weight/height/volume, just so people can more easily visualize how big a Size 8 Greater Incarnate Daemon actually is.

    Second, guidelines for converting stuff (monsters, weapons, whatever) from the various component systems to DtD. For example, X strength in d20 system is about equal to Y dots in DtD, or FOO damage from a weapon in Dark Heresy comes to about BAR damage in DtD.

  15. That anonymous above me is a genius. Those tables would all really help!

  16. What I'd like to see:
    An exaltation (Maybe a variant of Paragon?) with the abilities of Altair's bloodline from Assassin's Creed (A sixth sense that shows you the role of people and objects in relation to yourself and hidden stuff like writing underneath a painting and, optionally, slightly faster regeneration, immunity to falling damage if falling into hay/water and aging slightly slower) would be quite awesome.

  17. Wait... Secular Humanism? That's cool!

    But hang on. Can I be a Secular Elfist? Or a Secular Orkist?

  18. Maybe I'm just too new to the system to understand, but there seems to be something wonky with Paragons. Specifically, Excellence and Action Points. The calculation for Action points seems odd to me. Do I use Level+Current Pressure Points? Level+Maximum Pressure Points? Or is Pressure a typo and I use Level+Excellence? Speaking of Excellence, is the first dot power missing by accident or are Pressure Points supposed to act like a First dot power? I think I can run this game under the assumption that Action Points are calculated as Level+Excellence and Pressure Points act as a first dot Power, but I'd like some concrete answers here.

  19. The important question is, is Secular Humanism a terrible kraken which has arisen from the deeps? It better be.

  20. Will there be more information on insanity? Particularly Derangements, which are mentioned in several places in Book I, but are not actually listed.

  21. As someone else mentioned, I'd like to see a Ranger class; I'd also like to see a Starship Officer class, and an Aristocrat class (similar to a Bard, but no magic, somewhat stronger in combat, and doesn't need Perform to advance).

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