Monday, April 4, 2011

So I thought I'd start keeping people updated on what changes I was making to Version 1.2. I've made a lot of changes large and small, so let's get started:

* Size values have been reworked. Human average has been set at 4 and other values adjusted to fit. This should make combat a bit faster and more lethal.
* Spelling fixes where they were needed.
* Human and Dwarven racial powers changed. Humans now get 100 more starting XP, Dwarves have been made less OP. Instead of doubled HP, they can reduce hit points lost from any one attack to 1. Still tough, but not overpowered.
* Werewolf shape changing has been fixed up a bit. They have to remove armor before changing shape or else they break the straps and have to get it fixed.
* What happens when a Promethean's body is destroyed is now spelled out. They can also have their lost limbs repaired instead of getting replacements.
* Promethean Alchemy has been replaced with an ability to recharge Pyros whenever they take E damage.
* Daemonhost feeding has been fixed so it specifically converts Resonance into Essence.
* Free Study has become an option between classes. Once you finish the class you're in, you can buy things from classes you left. You can even improve skills and characteristics that aren't on your class list, but it costs double.
* Many feats have been altered. Especially the Marks.
* How non-attack actions work with Special Attacks has been changed. They now mostly apply any attack effects to the next Standard attack you make.
* Some of the artifacts have been rebalanced.

* I'm adding examples for character creation, special attack creation, and magic combo creation.
* Bookmarks. They'll come last, since I need to add them to the finished PDF.
* Adding in a small bit about playing mortals
* Also putting in a bit about XP-buy as an alternate for simple dots during character creation.
* Transmutation and Necromancy being reworked so non-vamps and woofs can use them, but Vamps and Woofs are best.
* Fixing class lists of feats and skills.


  1. Can we have Dark Dwarves please

  2. I assume Chesed, Laughing God and Machine God will be coming out in a splat? Same with the anti-Exalt Hunter, Gunslinger and Techpriest?

  3. One thing I recommend is categorizing skills by their category, a la the characteristics. Mental Skills, Physical Skills, Social Skills, as opposed to a completely alphabetized list.

  4. Personally, I think normal guns (IE: not autoweapons)/stubbers should have a decent proportion that aren't from Warhammer 40k. Here's some for you.
    Semi-automatic airburst grenade launcher with laser rangefinder.
    Air gun (rifle and pistol versions): Airguns are popular if you're a noble on a primitive world or you live on a planet with strict gun control laws. It's firepower is slightly better than an autopistol, but it has 22 shots. The only issue with it is that you must re-fill the air after X shots, which is an X action/takes X many actions.
    .22lr Pen gun used for assasinations and as a weapon when you're not supposed to have one.
    Mauler Shotgun: Pistol-sized shotgun made to have less recoil than you'd expect. Can be mounted under any rifle.
    Spy Gun (Stub, maybe las version): Special weapons used by assasins that let off miminal sound. It is specially designed so that when the shot hits the target, experts are fooled into believing it was a rifle shot from several dozen meters away.
    Excellent for post-apoc or rebel/ganger weapons. They're crudely made zip guns that likely aren't very reliable.

    Single-shot grenade launcher.
    Sawn-off O/U shotgun pistol.
    Some sort of open-bolt machine gun (sten gun or any in the link)
    Improvised stubber automatic rifle
    Single-shot shotgun made out of a stapler and some pipes. Another excellent zip gun.
    Folding-action repeating crossbow.
    Crossbow that shoots a bullet.
    Automatic crossbow

    Plasma tongue repeaters
    Fancy-sounding rifle, best quality. Used by upper-level nobles. Has some fancy metal barrel. Would likely have an extremely smooth action for cocking, in addition to alot of range.
    Similarly fancy shotgun with gimmicks.

    Assault Shotgun (AA-12 derivative? Dressed up saiga shotgun?)
    Select-fire shotgun that can use slugs/buckshot or explosive rounds.
    Bullpup shotgun favored by security organizations due to their compact size.

    Some auto-gun that looks like a cross between an AR-57 and G11.

    Reflex Sight
    Higher magnification scope for snipers/hunters
    Forward grip: Less recoil when firing.
    Bipod: "Emplace" gun for less recoil.
    Flash suppressor: Reduces chance of enemy figuring out where you're firing.
    Silencer: Reduces chance of being detected + suppressor bonus.
    NV Scope
    Infrared Scope
    Gun-Camera: Integrated NV & Infrared. Distance tracker/laser rangefinder. Reduces penalty from blindfiring or eliminates it entirely if you have the feat.

    Motion-tracker ala Aliens

  5. Well, that's an awesome list of changes there. Any idea when you might release it?

  6. Jim: How would a custom gun creation system treat you? I did one up for AdEva a while back and it worked pretty well. It could easily be adapted for DtD.

  7. my good man (LawfulNice), I have a question what is your ethnicity? this is not a racist question I just want to know if the "white wizzard" is.

    also, I assume the character creator shortcut at the bottom of the character sheet (a la White Wolf) will make it in...

    good luck on the system


  8. Dude, you're like some kinda awesome game making machine! I dunno if you're just soaring on the generally positive response you have been receiving towards this project, but the amount production involved in this has been awesome. All I gotta say is thanks, and I totally plan on starting a game within a month.

  9. Does the Werewolf have to change out of armour even if they're wearing Mithral, which is all flowy and stuff?

  10. I request you alphabetize the races in the race list.

    Also, the brief list of racial feats has the races out of order. (Aasimar are last!)

    Third, put a race descriptor like [Aasimar] next to each race's racial feats.

    I'm -still- not entirely sure how many starting feats I get.

  11. One of your magic schools is listed as Empowerment for Cleric (1.1 page 64), yet there are no spells of this school.

  12. I don't think you "get" any starting feats, free. But you can buy feats with your starting XP.

    @Endarire: Empowerment and Healing are the same school. Relic of an incomplete find/replace.

  13. @ Endarire: in case you were wondering, it's apparently meant to say Healing.

    I've been working out homebrew rules for:

    kobolds (I stole bits from the halfling and dragonborn, so they're not exactly new content)

    kroot (human size with all their racial bonuses variable depending on who they most recently ate)

    and a Lolth alignment, the essence of which is "be selfish and out to get other people, because they're selfish and out to get you (except Lolth)"

    Although I've been making that stuff myself, it would be cool to see it come out officially some time.

  14. First off, this made me laugh, then sit up and say,"Cool!"
    Well done, sir.
    I noticed you had mentioned making a gun creation toolkit; considering the requests you have on your hands, you might make your system transparent and show people how to make their own races, exaltations, classes, feats, ect. Because I see a neverending list of requests in your future, otherwise. You made a monster, and it's gonna want MOAR!!!

  15. I basically took these from Armory in nWoD. Maybe you could fix them to make them more compatible with DtD. I'd also look at their Archery and Spetznaz fighting style. Oh, and look at Spear and Bayonet Fighting in Armory Reloaded. Spetznaz are just badass. I'm sure you've seen the pic of the summersault hatchet throwing thingy.

    A few more other types of gunkata you might want....
    Cowboy Action Shooting: Would favor trick shooting and other cowboy action shooting stuff people practice today. Also stuff like Dead Eye from Red Dead Redemption. Maybe also bonuses/reduced penalties from firing from a horse or car? Weapons would be shotguns, repeating rifles and revolvers.

    Video example. Then there's also like spin-cocking lever actions and stuff.

    Classic Hollywood Rambo stuff: Ideal for space marines. Charging in,being alot less likely to run out of ammo.
    Classic Gun-kata: Dunno how much different normal hollywood stuff is different from gunkata, honestly. But I guess both would favor full auto?

    But yeah, maybe you could combine or take ideas from these two fighting styles? They're pretty ideal for a trained, prrofessional soldier and all about being tactical.

    Combat Marksmanship (OPERATOR Gunkata)
    Shoot First: Whenever you begin combat with a firearm already in your hand, you get a bonus in Initiative equal to your ballistics skill.
    Tactical Reload: Reloads are a free action.
    Double Tap: When using an ordinary weapon with S/- or S/-2, it becomes S/3.
    Bayonet Range: Static defense does not apply (or maybe armor?) when using your firearm at close range.
    Rapid Fire: In a single action, you may make one extra firearms attack for each point your composure exceeds 2.

    Sniper (OPERATOR Gunkata)
    On Scope: The bonus received from aiming is increased by each point of composure you have for weapons that are S/3 upto S/10 and a bonus from aiming is increased by +2 for every point of composure you have for S/- and S/-2 weapons.
    Battlesight Zero: Whenever your character aims, she may make twice the number of attacks. Whenever she makes an attack with a rifle that receives this bonus, the weapon's close range is increased by five meters times her dexterity, twice this amount for medium and three times this amount for long range.
    Focused Shot: When making an aimed shot, she may ignore an amount of penalties for wounds, drugs, pain, fatigue and other factors equal to her willpower (maybe something else?).
    Tactical Intervention: When making an aimed shot, any penalties for shooting into close combat and remaining concealed are halved, rounded down.
    One Shot, One Kill: /?

  16. In the combat section, there is mention of something called Aura, which is used as armor against magic spells. However, there is no listing for it on the character sheets, and I can't find anything in book that says how it is acquired.

    Is this a substat gained through calculations involving 2 more stats? Or is it something else intirely?

  17. @ashi - if you don't have something that specifically gives you Aura, you don't have any. Like Armor, it isn't something you're born with.

  18. Zed_> For some reason I want a necrodermis codpiece.
    Kordy> ow, lol, ow.
    AgitoBlues> lets take it one step further, a necrodermis woven boxer
    Zed_> Necrodermis longjohns.
    AgitoBlues> god I cant imagine what it'll do to your boner
    AgitoBlues> -2k1 to dodge lol
    Zed_> Necrodermis is apparently more "uncomfortable" than painful.
    Zed_> Yeah. The weapon seeks your foe.
    Zed_> It will taste blood.
    Zed_> It also has a +1k0 to damage
    Zed_> I imagined it like solid ammunition gets wiggly when it hits.
    Zed_> Ripping apart the enemy on the inside.
    Kordy> makes small teeth and bites, drinking blood
    AgitoBlues> so you like, do a pelvic trust in the middle of nowhere and it'll home to the nearest desirably target.....
    Zed_> Yes.
    Kordy> I'd cover my ass with some darksteel though
    AgitoBlues> congrat, you just gor a carnal radar
    Kordy> just in case.
    Zed_> Alright, that settles it, we need a splat for artifact undies.
    AgitoBlues> also you'll need darksteel condom, just to be absolutely one hundred percent sure.
    Zed_> Custom molded to fit your penis.
    AgitoBlues> plus it comes with a pen8 value
    Zed_> ba-dum, tsh

  19. Is Celerity getting gutted in 1.2? Because as of 1.1, it's kind of psychotic. Most people can spend a Resource for +1k0 on one tohit roll - level 2 Vampires can spend a single Resource for +DexkDex on every to hit roll for the entire scene, plus an extra 5xDex Static Defense again for an entire scene. A 5Dex Vampire in Celerity is basically untouchable.

    I'd say "Spend a Vitae to add your Blood Power to your Dexterity for the purposes of a single roll, including to boost your Static Defense when being attacked" would be a lot closer, but even then you will see higher-up Vamps casually keeping 10 dice on every tohit - particularly when you look at how very many Vitae they can carry about, and how easy it is to restore them. +1k0 per Blood Power on a single Dex roll would itself be pretty damn good, even.

    I still feel like L5R's 2:1 ratio for converting rolled dice to kept dice after you're rolling 10 is a lot more controllable than 7th Sea's 1:1 ratio. 7th Sea didn't have that many ways to up your rolled dice, but D:tD does. When a starting Werewolf can casually keep eight damage dice on a melee attack, it just seems like something's a bit awry.

  20. It took some looking with a fine-toothed comb, but I did something on armor providing Aura in the Artifacts chapter. Might I suggest that a bit more info on Aura be added to the magic and combat chapters that lead to the Wraithbone section of the Artifacts chapter?

  21. LN's first game's logs in IRC: