Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking for a game?

A few people have approached me and mentioned that this blog is pretty much the only stable source of information on the game that people have, and so it's the most logical place to post information to help people find games or post offers to run games. To keep things tidy, and to let you know you can, there's this post right here. Feel free to use the comments to advertise games or post availability for people, or even just arrange things so people can discuss things.

Meanwhile, I'm getting back to work on typos and fixes after a weekend off.


  1. Thanks a bunch LN, you're a bro.


    I will be running a game on GMT+8, I know the timezone can be difficult but we can do some arrangement if you're interested.

    For now the game would most probably be set on Saturday, this however is not final, since I have yet to find enough players.

    As for the campaign detail. The game would be an open world campaign rather than the usual daily encounter campaign. Your action and choices will directly or indirectly affect the world and its people. Also the campaign will leaning a bit towards the role play heavy side, along with healthy amount of combat. Think Mass Effect, but with magic.

    Just a heads up, Your character will starting at the Sigil before circumstances send you to your destination, a distant planet/crystal sphere. So feel free to plan accordingly.

    As a preference, I would prefer your character to have some sort of back story, any length will do, just don't make your character a blank state. You can make shit up and continue to develop them as you go but I'll prefer to know the general idea of your character so I can plan ahead.

    Fell free to contact me if you're interested.


  2. Tag is "DtD" on

  3. The game is now full. Thanks to all who participate the game.

  4. Hey, I'm putting together a game on IRC. I don't have any campaign details yet, as I'm not the SM and therefore not privy to such information, but I've been told it will be largely free-form and open-world. Anyone who's interested should email me The game is sometime next week, possibly around Wednesday, but the exact date hasn't been fixed yet. Can't wait to hear from you guys!

  5. The Annoying ReaperMay 9, 2011 at 7:03 AM

    This is Annoying_Reaper. I'm posting here to (obviously) look for players interested in joining a game. A specific plot will be available, though players wishing to branch off to do their own thing is acceptable (excellent practice for me to improvise as well.)

    Will be using standard DtD character creation rules, although the party will have already met each other prior to the session. More information will be given upon the gamedays. (Thursdays/Fridays GMT+8 6:00 PM, with a half hour waiting period before we start.)

    Anyone interested shoot me a mail at Alternatively, contact me in mIRC.